Communicate with Confidence March 2021

Communicate with Confidence is a 5-module online training course that will teach you how to cope with nerves and shyness when speaking English, how to express ideas and opinions fluently and how to use English to connect and remain confident in challenging situations. This course is for you if you want to:

  • beat shyness once and for all;
  • get motivated to speak and improve your English;
  • present a polished, empowered, English-speaking you; and
  • experience an engaging and practical training on improving your confidence in communicating in English.

The course includes videos, actionable steps and worksheets containing phrases to help you along in communicating with confidence. If you're a working adult who wants to improve your English communication skills in your life, your relationships and at work, this course is for you!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 weeks


Facebook Live Sessions (Schedule & Replays)

Zoom Practice Sessions (Schedule & Replays)

Bonus Training: 7 Speaking Strategies to Better Elaborate & Express Yourself 

Module 1: Speaking Confidently – Insights & Techniques

Module 2: Speaking with Fluency 

Module 3: Sounding Confident

Module 4: Speaking to Connect with People

Module 5: Speaking in Tough Situations


Bonus: Business English Vocabulary

Bonus Training: Grammar Lessons – The Past, Present & Future Tenses

Bonus Training: 10 Tips to Writing Effective Emails

Bonus Training: Speak to Persuade

Bonus Training: Present in English with Confidence

Bonus Training: Phrases for Smooth Presentations