Advanced Communication Skills Training

The My English Matters Advanced Communication Skills Training (ACST) is your next step to take your communication skills to the next level. We will be teaching techniques, concepts, and strategies that are more advanced than the ones taught in any of our other programmes.

The training sessions will be conducted once a month on the first Wednesday of each month (from July – November 2022). We will then follow up with an implementation and Q&A session on the third Wednesday of each month.

Yes, we will provide replays if you aren’t able to attend. However, since the value of this programme comes from getting our personalised feedback on your progress, we highly recommend that you attend live.

Our feedback will be given to challenge you — for you to be able to see what your strengths are, and also what you can do to improve.

We want to help you reach your next level of fluency, proficiency, and effectiveness as a high-achieving individual.

At the end of this programme, our goal is for you to be able to: 

  • take part in any conversation or discussion effortlessly
  • express yourself fluently and spontaneously
  • convey finer shades of meaning with precision
  • use English flexibly and effectively for social and professional purposes
  • share your ideas and opinions skilfully and effectively


Course Information

Estimated Time: 5 months

Masterclass 1: Mastering the Art of Conversation

Masterclass 2: Speaking Styles

Masterclass 3: The Power of Stories

Masterclass 4: Techniques of Charismatic Delivery 

Masterclass 5: Speaking to Create Influence & Impact 

Bonus: Speak to Persuade

Bonus: Speaking & Presenting on Video – How to Keep it Interesting 

Bonus: Present in English with Confidence

Bonus: 7 Speaking Strategies to Better Elaborate & Express Yourself